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About Laure

Our hectic, everyday life is often linked to stress, overworking and anxiety. The constant exterior demands; making us work at a frantic pace without rest, prevent us from taking the time we need to re-establish our much needed tranquility.

Seeking to reorient myself professionally, and after the education of my four children, I had this desire to feel useful. What's more rewarding than enabling the well-being of others! This led me to engage in several certifying courses at the Azenday School in Paris and open my salon in The Hague. 

It’s in this homey and cozy little lounge that I invite you to come and relax for a well-deserved break.

All massages are perfect sources of relaxation during stressful times. Even if some may have no therapeutic or medical aim, massages are more than just a moment of relaxation! The benefits of regular massages have a profound effect on mood, posture, sleep, stress level, and even blood and lymphatic circulation.

And these effects intensify during a regular massage.


See you soon ! 

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