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Reiki traitement
Reiki LaHochi
Energetic care

Laure offers energetic care to guide you on the path to well-being,

providing personalized treatments based on your needs.

Reiki LaHochi
Energetic care

What is Reiki LaHochi:

It's an energetic treatment that can alleviate physical and emotional pain, bringing mental calm, inner peace, and overall well-being. It's a natural method intended to harmonize the body, emotions, and mind. It's also an excellent way to replenish energy and recharge. Together, we can relieve your pain, calm your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, and much more...


Reiki LaHoChi cannot replace medical advice or treatment in any way. It never diagnoses.


How a session works:

Reiki LaHochi is practiced by placing hands on or just above the body. The hands emit subtle energy that stimulates the body. The person receiving the session lies down and remains clothed; the practitioner performs no manipulations.

The session lasts about 1 hour.


In conclusion, the benefits include:

• Relieving stress and achieving deep relaxation

• Reducing pain

• Revitalizing the body and mind

• Stimulating the immune system

• Activating the energetic system

• Balancing the subtle energies of the body

• Aiding in toxin elimination

• Dissolving energetic blockages responsible for physical, emotional, and psychological imbalances.

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