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Massage Card

All vegetable and esssential oils used are 100 % organic.

Massage thérapeutique

Californian massage

It is an intuitive and creative massage, a succession of long fluid and enveloping movements.

It provides a great physical and psychological relaxation, while allowing to regain consciousness of one's body and to refocus oneself.


Foot Thai reflexology

At first, it involves gentle and relaxing movements, then pressure and stimulation of the reflex zones of the foot and the arch.

With a non-therapeutic purpose, this very relaxing massage releases nervous tension, promotes blood circulation while balancing the functions of the body as well as energizing and giving dynamic.


Swedish massage

Movements are mainly kneading, percussion and friction. It can be energizing or relaxing depending on the rhythm of the movements. It is often useful for sports preparation or recovery.

It provides tone, well-being, relaxation and flexibility of the body, releasing muscle tension, stimulating blood circulation and eliminating toxins.


Amma sitting in business

Amma means massage in Japanese. It is an energy approach based on the principles of Traditional Japanese Acupressure Medicine.

This technique eliminates energy blockages and balances Yin and Yang energy flows.

Through a series of movements performed on specific points along the meridians, muscles and joints. This massage combines several body techniques that are similar to Shiatsu: pressure, percussion, vibration, tapping, and effleurage.

For men & women

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