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Youth and Teenagers

Busy schedule, performance anxiety, bullying, relocation, separation from parents ... Young people are subject to stress in the same way as adults. This manifests itself differently, however. For a growing youth, all of these factors can significantly affect one's physical development and selfesteem.

Touch healing will help break free from physical and emotional stresses and tensions.

A range of benefits:

* Relieves tension accumulated by stress and bad postures due to repetitive use of mobile phone or computer.

* Activates the blood and lymphatic circulation as well as soothes the nervous system.

* Improves the quality of their sleep and strengthens their immune system.

* Decreases hyperactivity; improved mood and classroom behavior in order to promote better learning (especially for youth with learning disabilities or attention deficits).

* Calming and provides general well-being.


10 % discount

The massage dedicated to those younger than 20 will remain a great moment of relaxation and will give them the energy needed to start off again or to calmly perceive the exam periods.

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